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Client Testimonials 

  • What was it like before you worked with MLH service?
    We are not swimwear designers, pattern makers, or experts in swim in anyway so we really felt a bit lost when it came to developing our line. We had an idea of what styles we wanted to see in swimwear and that was about it! Michele took our ideas and, through her skilled pattern making and deep understanding of swim fit, swim fabrics, and a woman's body, brought our dream to life!
  • What have you been able to achieve since using our service?
    We are growing our assortment, all with the learnings that Michele has shared with us in mind. Our growing collection is stronger than ever and we really have Michele to thank for that. More and more women in this country and around the world are wearing and loving their Andies!
  • What's the main reason you recommend my service?
    Michele is both an expert and a pleasure to work with and learn from. Because of Michele, we have a product we are incredibly proud of and a vision for the growing assortment as a whole. Hire this woman -- you will learn a ton, you will have an incredibly great product, and you will make a new friend all in one fell-swoop!
  • What made you happiest about working with MLH Design Enterprises?
    Receiving incredible reviews from our customers about how well their Andie fits always makes me feel so thankful that we teamed up with Michele and just so happy that we met her and that her expertise in swimwear is in the DNA of every Andie style.
  • What sold you on choosing MLH Design Enterprises service?
    a) expertise that was obvious in our finished product b) clear and educational information from Michele all the time c) kind and fun attitude (we loved catching up with Michele after hours as much as working with her!)
  • What problem(s) were you trying to solve with my service?
    The main goal was to improve the fit of the few styles we already had and loved. We also wanted to learn about the design and pattern process so we could continue to grow our collection with her expertise present in every piece.
  • How did my service stand out from other options?
    We had lots of questions and ideas, and really very little pattern experience. Michele always explained our options, the benefits and drawbacks of each, and made us feel very educated about the creation of our product. This, combined with the fact that our swim fits always improved after Michele had her hands on them, really helped us put a lot of trust in her and look forward to working with her and seeing our "Michele suits".
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